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The Pasadena Rotary Club of Pasadena has amazing, dedicated members contributing to the well-being and growth of the community, region, and world.  Explore our Club here, and feel free to visit us during our weekly meetings!

Bright Prospect's Executive Director, Stephanie Campbell & Program Director, Timothy Sandoval
Bright Prospect is a college access and success organization that for 13 years has been opening doors and changing expectations for youth in Pomona, Ontario and Montclair. Join us on Wednesday when Bright Prospect's Executive Director, Stephanie Campbell, and their Program Director, Timothy Sandoval, will educate us about their program and its successes. The Bright Prospect Crews® model has proved highly effective in helping low-income students successfully gain access to and complete college. Ninety-one percent of Bright Prospect participants graduate with a bachelor's degree, at a total annual cost of just over $1,000 per participant. Bright Prospect alumni have graduated from 13 of the 15 highest-ranked universities in the nation (among them Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT and Dartmouth), and 21 of the top 25 liberal arts colleges (among them Amherst, Swarthmore, Bowdoin, Wellesley, Pomona and Williams). Others attend or have graduated from a University of California or California State University campus while a smaller proportion get their start at a community college and then transfer to UC or Cal State.   In 2013, Bright Prospect was awarded the College Board Western Region's CollegeKeys Compact™ Innovation Award in the category of "Getting Through" college. Bright Prospect is committed to sharing its Crews® model and is well on its way to completing a turnkey package that can be utilized by other community-based organizations, charter and public schools, and colleges hoping to achieve similar college graduation results.


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We meet each Wednesday at 12:00PM at:

The University Club
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Pasadena, California  

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Rotary Club of Pasadena
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Frankly Speaking

Reminder: One of the schools our Club has adopted, Jackson Elementary, is conducting a "Community Soup Day" on Saturday, November 15, from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Members of Pasadena Rotary are invited; to assist with some chores in the classrooms and to enjoy specially prepared soup. This is a wonderful opportunity to help our Pasadena students and teachers.

The Scoot Zone for Oct 29th By Mary Lou Byrne, Bureau Chief

Phil Miles, looking even-more-than-usually dapper, led us in singing "Simple Gifts" as a tribute to the many gifts we enjoy here in Pasadena, including those represented by our speakers: the Pasadena Symphony and Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Frankly Speaking

Our social committee is distributing, by email, a link to a questionnaire seeking everyone's input regarding social events. PLEASE COMPLETE the questionnaire.

The Scoot Zone for Oct 22nd By Mary Lou Byrne, Cub Reporter

What better way to start our meeting than with a hearty rendition of our National Anthem? Thank you, Joe Henry, for leading the singing, with the always-faithful Ross Jutsum on the piano.

Frankly Speaking

We now have a new and very much improved set of bylaws. Bravo! The vote was 97 in favor and 2 against. In order to conduct a vote, we were required to have a quorum of all members; which is 1/3 of the membership. We had more than 1/3 participate in the vote. My thanks to Past-President Mel Cohen for initiating the bylaws review process one year ago.

The Scoot Zone for Oct 15th By Mary Lou Byrne, Cub Reporter

Gary Kearney and Ross Jutsum started things this week off by making us feel as though we all were starring in a Coke commercial as we joined in singing "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing!" Holding hands on a hilltop, anyone? Yes, please! We followed that up with a rousing chorus of "This is My Country!" Big fun!

Rotary Roamers - The Secret Stairs

A green, leafy walk through one of Pasadena's western-most neighborhoods, filled with charming stairways and a virtual arboretum of mixed tree varieties. One of the shadiest wlaks you can find.

When: Saturday Nov 8th 8am

Click here for all the details.

Frankly Speaking

Rotoplast Mission to Guatemala Opportunity 


The Scoot Zone for Ot 8th By Mary Lou Byrne, Cub Reporter

Phyllis Currie and Ross Jutsum started us off with a home-state bang this week with a rousing rendition of "California, Here I Come!"  Chuck Carroll's invocation included this inspiring quotation from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling: "Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation.

District Rotaplast Committee is looking for 5 Non medical Volunteers

The District Rotaplast Committee encourages interested Rotarian to apply for on one the 5 non-medical volunteer positions to our mission to Retalhuleu, Guatemala. The mission will take place from February 15 to March 1, 2015. Aside from travel expenses with the team to and from San Francisco, CA to Guatemala, other expenses are minimal. Email us for a non-medical volunteer application form. Applications close at the end of October.