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The Pasadena Rotary Club of Pasadena has amazing, dedicated members contributing to the well-being and growth of the community, region, and world.  Explore our Club here, and feel free to visit us during our weekly meetings!

Dan Stover Music Competition
This year's Dan Stover competition will feature two outstanding high school students who were selected from preliminary tryouts, held at The Salvation Army on Sunday March 15th. The two selected for the club competition are a pianist and violinist.  The Dan Stover Music Competition is named after an Alhambra Rotarian who brought many years of musical joy to that club. In his memory an instrumental music competition was founded and each club in the district is encouraged to hold its own Dan Stover Music Competition. Pasadena Rotary Club's competition will be held next Wednesday. It will be judged by three music professionals. Each contestant is given six to eight minutes in which to perform a piece of his or her choosing. The contestants are judged on tone quality/intonation; technique; interpretation, and general effect (including stage presence). Cash gifts will be given for first and second place.   The Dan Stover Music Competition is traditionally a top program for Pasadena Rotary and this year will be especially enjoyable with two highly competent high school musicians. Invocation: Mark WatersonGuest Introductions: Sarah CampbellSong Leader: Darren NortonAccompanist: Ross Jutsum


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We meet each Wednesday at 12:00PM at:

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Frankly Speaking

Believe it not, I have been burdening everyone with my inartful style of leadership for nine months. It is no doubt time for a quarterly - or three quarter - review. What is the consensus? Most likely: (1) Is Frank wearing the same suit and tie again? (2) I swear, if Frank takes the microphone and starts roving the floor again, I am going to scream out in pain; (3) So, what did he forget to announce this time? (4) The sad thing is that Frank actually believes he is being funny. (5) Is this guy really a lawyer?

The Scoot Zone for March 18th By Mary Lou Byrne, Bureau Chief

Phil "Seamus" O'Miles led a belated St. Patrick's Day sing-along with "The Wild Rover" (a drinkin' song, according to Phil) and a heartfelt rendition of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" (with Ross Jutsum on piano) which Phil notes is "popular any time." In her invocation, Deborah Lewis noted that yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, and according to legend St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. And tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day, when the swallows return to Capistrano.

Frankly Speaking

Book the Date: May 21, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. We will have our first "Annual" fundraising event.

The theme of the event is "Help Rotary Help Others". In addition to having our members attend - which of course is mandatory - we hope to introduce Pasadena Rotary to many non- Rotary attendees. We will enjoy wine, jazz, food and art at the beautiful outdoor setting at the

The Scoot Zone for March 4th By Mary Lou Byrne, Bureau Chief

Oh my goodness! All of our Wednesday meetings are fabulous, of course, but in this reporter's opinion this week's meeting was extra fab!

Frankly Speaking

At our last luncheon, it was clear to me at 1:20 p.m. that the speaker, Jay Famiglietti, was nowhere near the end of his presentation. I soon stood up and he realized that he had one or two minutes to condense what appeared to be 15 more minutes of material. I will be more proactive in the future about keeping the speaker on time.

The Scoot Zone for Feb 25th By Mary Lou Byrne, Bureau Chief

Big thanks to Bureau Chief Emeritus Dean Billman for filling in while this reporter was on vacation last week!

Frankly Speaking

What is the Object of Rotary? We are aware of the Four-Way Test; our Rotary road map. There is also a well-crafted statement as to the Object of Rotary. With my highlights, it is as follows:

"The OBJECT of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

- First; the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

The Scoot Zone for Feb 18th By Dean A. Billman, Substitute Zoner

Congresswoman Judy Chu has really grown into her role as our U.S. House of Representatives Congresswoman representing the 27th Congressional District, which includes Pasadena and the west San Gabriel Valley of southern California. She was quick to note in her opening remarks that "I'm also a Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow!" and it sounded like she meant it.

Frankly Speaking

An absolutely random comment: This morning, I spent a bit of time making sure the house was in neat order before the arrival of our wonderful housekeeper. I didn't want her to think that Laura and I kept a disheveled home. I believe my focus is clearly askew.

The Scoot Zone for Feb 11th By Mary Lou Byrne, Bureau Chief

Cory Brendel is on mission to save Hoagy Carmichael from obscurity, at least in the Pasadena Rotary Club, where according to Cory some of the younger members think he's a sandwich! Toward that end, he and his trusty ukulele led us all in a jazzy rendition of "Two Sleepy People" (lyrics by Frank Loesser), an adorable love song from the 1938 movie "Thanks for the Memory" starring Bob Hope.