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Caring Little Hearts
During the next few months, we will be joining hands with the Rotary Club of Madras South, in Chennai, India for a project whereby we will help fund 212 heart surgeries to needy children with congenital heart disease. According to recent statistics in India, for every hour about 20 children are born with heart defects and about 5% of those children die within the first month of life due to lack of treatment. Recent data suggest that nearly 12,000 children with heart defects are waiting for surgery in Tamil Nadu, the South Indian state where Chennai is located. If a child does not get treatment at the right time, then the child will likely die due to heart and lung failure or he/she becomes untreatable due to irreversible changes to the lungs and other organs. This could result in the child suffering from stroke or immobility. If a child is given treatment at the right time, he/she can lead a normal life. What would our cost be to give a chance at life to these children? - about $90.00 per surgery. Learn why we embrace this opportunity to do good deeds half way around the world.  Gain an understanding of the Rotary International global grant process and why we chose this particular project. Explore a video that tells a compelling story of the challenge to give infants and children in India a chance to live healthy lives. Give me, Dave Mans and Robert Lyons 30 minutes of your time to help you understand the "Caring Little Hearts" project and why it is so important for Pasadena Rotary's next 100 years. By working together to respond to real community needs, clubs and districts strengthen their global partnerships. The most compelling aspect of participating in the global grants process is the opportunity to make a difference in the world.  However, we also learn to take advantage of grant opportunities so that our financial commitment is maximized. For instance, for every $100.00 we spend on a worthwhile project, we can conceivably receive as much as $250.00 in grant monies and district dedicated funds.  Let me show you how.  I promise you a story you won't want to scoot from. Introducer: Shel Capeloto Invocation: George Falardeau Guest Introductions: Robert Lyons Song Leader: Jonathan Edewards Song Leader: Ross Jutsum

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The Opportunity Zone

In his article "50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know About Rotary", Steve Garret, District 5300 Governor 1994-1995, wrote the following:

THE SCOOT ZONE By Justene Adamec, Field Reporter

The Opportunity Zone

I'm some 3,000 miles away from you today. I needed some grandchildren time and President-Elect Phil Miles graciously agreed to conduct yesterday's meeting (a Pasadena Rotary tradition that kicks off the changing of the guard). To keep me feeling close to you all, I brought my coveted Bronze Rotary Coin.