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How to Support Youth Recovering from Dependency
Ivana Grahovac is in long-term recovery from heroin addiction and serves as a national recovery advocate collaborating with the national organization "Facing Addiction." She is an expert in the field of collegiate recovery, and is currently on the collegiate recovery advisory board of the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration. Ms. Grahovac served as director of The Center for Students in Recovery at The University of Texas, where she led the expansion of collegiate recovery programs to all nine UT System schools; a measure unanimously approved by the UT Board of Regents. Recently, Ivana served as executive director of Transforming Youth Recovery, a strategic grant program for school-based recovery support: K-12 through higher education. Ivana received her MSW at University of Michigan, where she started their collegiate recovery program "Students for Recovery." Ivana spoke at the National Heroin Task Force at the White House in September, and the "Unite to Face Addiction" rally on the National Mall last October. She is currently serving as executive director of Austin Recovery, Central Texas' oldest nonprofit treatment center, which provides affordable treatment of appropriate duration and intensity to men and women, with a special "Family House" program which serves mothers who attend treatment with their infants.Ms. Grahovac will speak about her personal recovery from heroin addiction, while she was in college, and what we can do on our college campuses and in our communities to shift the stigma of recovery, to help more youth recover and thrive for a lifetime. Currently, only 5% of our nation's universities offer communities and programs to support students in recovery.Introducer: Nat ReadInvocation: Scott VandrickGuest Introductions: Robert LyonsSong Leader: Marilyn BuchananAccompanist: Ross Jutsum


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Kathy's Corner

Julia Shih, Shel Capeloto and their committee did a superb job with the Teachers of Excellence Program. I especially like the videos of the teacher in the classroom with their students.

THE SCOOT ZONE By Scott Carlson, Staff Reporter

After President Kathy opened the meeting, we were led in a rousing version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" (in the correct key) by Mark Smutny and Ross Jutsom. Past President Rob Fisher provided an insightful invocation about teachers, noting the complexities that they face in managing for a period of 9 months a class full of students with diverse interests and personalities, and noting the inspiration that teachers provide to their students.

Kathy's Corner

District Governor Randy Pote again honored our club with a "large" trophy for bringing in the most new members. Thanks to Howard Raff, Jeanett Cordon and all our members who have been so active in bringing in new Rotarians. On a side note, have any of you seen poor Vicki Laidig, who has to haul all these trophies up from the storage in the basement to put them on display? We only make her do it when Randy is coming to one of our meetings!