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The Pasadena Rotary Club of Pasadena has amazing, dedicated members contributing to the well-being and growth of the community, region, and world.  Explore our Club here, and feel free to visit us during our weekly meetings!

Ben Besley "Development Trends in Pasadena"
Ben Besley is Vice President of Development at City Ventures, an infill residential and mixed-use development firm active throughout California. In this role Mr. Besley oversees acquisitions, entitlements and permitting for more than 1,000 new homes throughout San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Join us on Wednesday to learn about current challenges in the development process and what it means for future growth in Pasadena. Prior to joining City Ventures, Mr. Besley served as Vice President at Big Rock Partners, a Los Angeles-based commercial real estate private equity fund, where he managed development, construction and operations for office, retail, hotel and residential assets. He also served as Vice President at The Olson Company, managing design and entitlement for residential and mixed-use projects throughout Los Angeles County. His accomplishments there included the successful development of high-density, mixed-use, public-private partnership projects and affordable housing communities. Mr. Besley discovered his affinity for infill development while earning his undergraduate degree in Urban Studies at Columbia University and serving as a VISTA volunteer with the Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association in the South Bronx.  He also holds an MBA from Harvard University and is Commissioner for the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. Mr. Besley lives in Los Angeles with his wife Sarah MacPherson Besley.


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Frankly Speaking

Members of Rotary:   On Wednesday, we inducted as our newest member Pat Wright. Pat is the owner of the Arroyo Vista Inn, a B&B located in South Pasadena. Pat is also a former practicing attorney. Laura and I frequently stay at B&Bs when we travel. I must admit that owning and operating a B&B would be an attractive transition from the practice of law. My only concern is that I might have to actually work harder than I do as an attorney.

The Scoot Zone for Sept. 17th By Dean Billman

"I love coffee, I love tea, I love the java jive and it loves me" we sang under the direction of Eric Olson, accompanied by Ross Jutsum because somebody had to help us with the tune, but this song was better than the 1710 Mozart piece that Eric found praising coffee.

Frankly Speaking

Members of Rotary:

Okay; I made up the story about the humming birds and the cats when I introduced a "Nat Read Moment" at our lunch on Wednesday.  When I went home that evening, I told Laura about the introduction. She is worried.

The Scoot Zone for Sept. 10th By Dean Billman

Last Wednesday's meeting was our annual "Meet the new District 5300 Governor." Before President Frank introduced 2014-15 Governor Larry Skaggs and his wife, Vicki, we were treated to a stellar "Nat Read Moment." Nat announced that he felt President Frank was doing a great job so far this year and proceeded to offer salient statistics about our club that make us unique.

Frankly Speaking

Members of Rotary:  I actually read the September, 2014 edition of the Rotarian. The pile of unread editions was getting quite high on my office file cabinet, so I decided to start making a dent. Pretty amazing accounts of the good work being done by Rotarians locally and globally. Also, the photographs are of National Geographic quality.  Some of the stories: (1) Latricia Wright, a Detroit native, applies for "Launch Detroit," a Rotary District project to assist local entrepreneurs.

The Scoot Zone for Sept 3rd By Mary Lou Byrne, Cub Reporter

The talented Gary Kearney and Ross Jutsum got our meeting off to a tuneful start by leading us in the Beatles' classic "Here Comes the Sun," followed by a rousing chorus of "America." This reporter was on the dais and has to say that it's a rare treat to look out over the crowd and see all the Rotarians and guests standing and singing their hearts out!

Frankly Speaking

Members of Rotary:  My worst fear; a speaker no-show. I can't entertain all concerned for thirty minutes. I have enough difficulty with the 10 or so minutes that I allocate for myself. Well, on Wednesday, the clock had struck 12:15 p.m. and Andrea Van de Kamp had not yet appeared. Prior to Wednesday, Andrea had asked if she could begin her speech at 12:30, so I was especially concerned by her absence.

The Scoot Zone for Aug 27th By Mary Lou Byrne, Cub Reporter

We held our meeting backwards this week, in order to accommodate our speaker, Andrea Van de Kamp, who needed to leave early to attend to a pressing obligation. So after a rousing chorus of "This Land is Your Land," led by the talented Phil Miles on guitar, a stirring invocation by Bob Risley, who also introduced Mrs.

Frankly Speaking

Members of Rotary: Pasadena Rotarians are generous. Pasadena Rotarians care about the children in the community. Pasadena Rotarians are always ready to step forward and make a difference and create positive changes in the lives of others. A recent example is Happy Feet. As I previously mentioned, our budget for supplying local grammar school children with new shoes for the beginning of school was a mere $500.00.

The Scoot Zone for Aug 20th By Mary Lou Katz, Cub Reporter

Joe Henry, accompanied by the always-tuneful Ross Justum, led us in a rousing chorus of "God Bless America" to kick things off this week.