2022-2023 Chair: John Burt & Stephen Smith

Done in a Day is a hands-on service opportunity for members of the Pasadena Rotary to participate in volunteer events and projects lasting from two to eight hours during one day. This project does not include the usual volunteer opportunities for an organization, but is a project that a large group of people can do to help an organization with an important goal.  Rotary selects different kinds of activities scheduled throughout the year to provide meaningful help to non-profit organizations and schools in the community.

The services that we provide consist primarily of physical activities such as painting, cleaning, gardening, moving-the sorts of tasks that go well with a group of people working together to get a set amount of tasks completed in a day. Some examples include painting a classroom in a school or cleaning the rooms needed for an important event in the organization or building a wall around a newly planted garden.

Non-profit organizations or schools apply to Rotary Done in a Day through a Rotarian.  They can also request Done in a Day projects when they apply for grant funding and the DIAD committee follows up with them and sends them an application for a DIAD project.  Once the committee reviews the requests, one of the co-chairs makes an announcement at Rotary meetings and looks for additional volunteers to provide help on the scheduled dates. A Rotary member is assigned to be a liaison for each project.

Ideally, a DIAD project should be scheduled each quarter of the year based on applications received and budgetary needs.  If the budget for one event is too large, the organization should be asked to provide the amount necessary to buy supplies to get it done.

There are a few people on the committee who should oversee the application process and make the arrangements with the site. DIAD also need volunteers to help on the day of work at the site.  And Rotary members need to let non profits around them know about DIAD and send applications to them.   

Stephen D Smith
District 5300