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The Pasadena Rotary Club of Pasadena has amazing, dedicated members contributing to the well-being and growth of the community, region, and world.  Explore our Club here, and feel free to visit us during our weekly meetings!

"Demystifying Pasadena's Crown Jewel: The Huntington comes of age and the story behind the renaissance "
Randy Shulman will provide a lively talk on the Huntington's renaissance and the background of the dramatic changes over the past 25 years. His illustrated talk will also showcase several new important collections.     Randy is The Huntington's Vice President for Advancement. He works closely with staff from throughout the organization as they further programmatic dynamism. Over the past two decades, the once insular institution has evolved into truly world-class institution. New and revitalized gardens and galleries serve an expanding set of diverse audiences. Now home to 1,700 scholars annually, the humanities research being conducted at The Huntington makes it one of the most active in the nation. At the same time, using the collections to help K-12 teachers engage in "Common Core" learning is now also a central focus of its expanding education programs.    New galleries, gardens, and exhibitions for the public are reaching new audiences in ways never before possible. These have become wonderfully useful tools through which to investigate and express the best aspects of our shared humanity.    "The Huntington is something we in the San Gabriel Valley should be very proud of," says Shulman, "Aside from becoming the stewards of California's social history DNA for scholars, on the public side we can help immerse students, teachers, and casual visitors in the beauty of nature, art, and humanities. We can offer many fine examples of what makes life worth living."   His own history is intertwined in the story. "I came to The Huntington as a 12 year-old volunteer with a dream -- to have a chance to someday make a difference in this special place. He joined the staff full time in 1999 and assumed his current role in 2009. Annually, he teaches a class entitled: Huntington 101 that helps to explain the international significance of the research being done at The Huntington.   Randy is a graduate of San Marino Schools, Pasadena City College, Cal Poly Pomona, and USC, where he earned an MPA in Public Administration. He is also involved on the Board of Union Station Homeless Services, where he is the Board Chair. Randy and his wife Mona reside in Pasadena.   Invocation: Eric Duyshart Guest Introductions: TBD                                                              Song Leader:  Philip Miles Accompanist: Ross Jutsum


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