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The Pasadena Rotary Club of Pasadena has amazing, dedicated members contributing to the well-being and growth of the community, region, and world.  Explore our Club here, and feel free to visit us during our weekly meetings!

Talkin' 'bout my Generation... of Musicians
David Arnay began his career in Ithaca, New York, where he first attended college during the late '70s. He became involved in that enlightened upstate town's vibrant music community, eventually recruited into the popular and eclectic Zobo Funn Band featuring guitar wizard David Torn. After moving to the L.A. area Arnay dove into the local scene, meeting and collaborating with A-list jazz players including guitarist Phil Upchurch, saxophonist Bob Sheppard, and drummer Peter Erskine. A significant mentor during Arnay's early L.A. years was tenor saxophonist and former Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock sideman Bennie Maupin, who brought David into a quintet which included Alphonso Johnson on bass... "an amazing band and an inspirational experience" that included development of David's work as a composer. The Maupin collaboration continues with a June 24, 2017 performance at the Arroyo Seco Weekend festival. With encouragement from Maupin, Arnay finished his bachelor's degree at CalState L.A., and went on to earn his master's in jazz studies at USC. He joined the USC faculty in 1999 and continues to teach there as a full time lecturer. With three CDs released (see www.davidarnay.com) and a busy performance schedule that includes weekly shifts at the Arroyo Chop House and a piano/bass duo every Friday at Parkway Grill, David's musical contributions to the community continue. Introducer: Pat Wright Invocation: Kym Pietsch Guest Introductions: JP Harris Song Leader: Catherine Hany Accompanist: Ross Jutsum

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The Opportunity Zone

"Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. 

Everything originates in a will for the good, 

which is directed at you. 

Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the

 expression of gratitude."


Pasadena Rotary Club has such a wonderful rich history and fine tradition. Contrast that by what is seemingly a new generation of emerging leaders offering promise, hope and vision for the future. Soon the first hundred years will most certainly be celebrated as a milestone of achievements and growth. And yet, I am so looking forward to the next 100. Today we are a family as diverse as our great community. Just look at the photos that begin each meeting. With that said, we all share common values and goals that bring greater meaning to our lives and enrich our souls.  

Let me share an example of what I am referring to. Yesterday, we honored both Ed Hearst, a member since 1978, with Justene Adamec, who joined our club in 2015. They were recognized for collaborating to accomplish the same goal. Both have worked so hard to establish an Interact Club with a local high school. Together with Annette Lee, a tenacious and brilliant high school junior from Pasadena Polytechnic, I have no doubt that they will succeed.  I hope that some of us can see the day that Annette joins Pasadena Rotary and tells her story to a new generation of members about how she was first introduced to the Club on June 14, 2017. This morning, I wondered if she had closely examined her cherished bronze Rotary coin when she left the meeting. Do the words of the Four-Way Test carry the same meaning for someone so young as they do for an old guy like me? I can't wait for Annette to bestow her first coveted coin to a member of her Interact Club who has done something special that deserves recognition.  

Before the meeting, I asked Robert Lyons if I had given him a coveted coin in the past.  Robert looked at me, reached in his pocket, pulled out the cherished token and just smiled.  I thereupon reached into my pocket and did the same. I carry it with me like it was handed down to me from an earlier generation. I will always keep it close by to remember this incredible experience as your President.  

Please allow me to continue to thank some of our members who made the last year so special. Today I focus on those who have been with Pasadena Rotary for a few years or more. Let me start with Robert Lyons. Robert became a member of the Board of Directors this year. He graciously volunteered to serve a second year as one of our Sergeant of Arms (along with JP Harris). His efforts as an auctioneer extraordinaire brought in more donations from last August's fundraiser than any other source. A few weeks ago, Robert almost singlehandedly helped raise over $15,000 in donations in about five minutes for the "Caring Little Hearts" project.  

Thank you Past President Howard Raff for continuing your efforts to bring in new members. We can all learn some lessons from him on how to let others know about the best kept secret in town. To Jane Waas, Frank Fish and Eric Klinkner, please accept my appreciation for all you do at the reception desk. You are always so gracious and welcoming to guests and visiting Rotarians. Frank deserves special recognition for maintaining and publishing the hard copy Roster that so many of us old schoolers still fall back on. Thank you Dean Billman and Elisabeth Browne for co-chairing the Tyros Committee. I was fortunate enough to attend many of your meetings. The energy and good spirits you instilled in our new members filled the room. I was so inspired by your leadership. Tamia Hope will join Dean in the coming year. Elisabeth, I wish you and Julie Bank all the best in your new roles as co-chairs of the Program Committee. While I'm on the subject, thank you to co-chairs Past President Diana Peterson-More and Pat Wright and all of the Program Committee members for the excellent work you did this year in maintaining the fine tradition of bringing informative, exciting and dynamic programs each week to our Club.  

So, here's where your six degrees of Kevin Bacon kicks in. Make sure you chart this out. To Ken Stickney, Joyce Shearin and Nate Bradley, please accept my gratitude for all you do for our Club as leaders of the Public Relations/Technology Committee. This past year we have had more press coverage and social media participation that ever before. Oh, and I should mention that Ken was instrumental in creating the weekly slides that show member birthdays and Rotaversaries that you see before each meeting. He also serves on our Board of Directors. Joyce will be joining the Board starting in July. This last year, she did an excellent job as a Coordinating Chair for the Social Events and Club Meetings Committees.  Were it not for her and the work of Social Committee co-chairs Stephen Smith and Scott Carlson, the fabulous Holiday Party at the University Club would never have happened.  Scott tried to set a record this last year by co-chairing three committees - Social, Invocation and Teen Leadership Camp. He is also the partner of Past President Frank Nicholas who co-chaired the Teachers of Excellence Committee with Mark Waterson. Mark also co-chaired the Done-In-a-Day Committee with Deborah Lewis.      

Did I also mention that President Elect-Elect, current Board Member and songster Mary Lou Byrne, co-chair of the International Committee Leah Snell and Meagan Swan were instrumental in guiding and supporting our network of committees as Coordinating Chairs?  Mary Lou also co-chairs the Spokes Committee with help from Justene Adamec, Sheryl Guerrero and other cub reporters. And while I'm on the subject of newlyweds, both Mary Lou and Meagan tied the knot during my term. Mary Lou and fellow Board Member Gary Kearny had the most wonderful wedding celebration! Gary and President Elect Phil Miles co-chair the Music Committee. They are the ones who have brought us the dulcet tunes of such crooners as Don Andrus, Corey Brendel, Marilyn Buchanan, Phyllis Currie, Jonathan Edewards and Eric Olsen. The only mistake they made was allowing me to occasionally sing. And how about a shout out to Ross Jutsum who tirelessly accompanies our performers and adds magic to our Holiday Party and Demotion?

Thank you Sonia Amin for co-chairing the International Committee for these last few years.  Your leadership was instrumental in helping Pasadena Rotary support so many worthwhile international projects. Thank you Jan Sanders and Bob Risley for co-chairing the very popular Rotary Readers Committee. My wife Elaine has become a regular at their meetings. I heard that the meetings are educational, stimulating and fun. Debbie Loveland continues to chair our Remembrance Committee. She has helped to bring so much hope and comfort to the families of those members who left us during my term and members who fell ill and needed to know we cared.

I want to express my appreciation to Past President Cathy Simms for her work as co-chair with Scott Vandrick on the Community Grants Committee. Cathy received the honor of being our Club's Rotary Foundation Member of the Year. She was also instrumental in forging together our global grant eligible international project "Caring Little Hearts." Scott also co-chaired the Four-Way Speech Contest with Richard Gray. I also understand that he has produced and written a fabulous program for our upcoming Demotion. Scott, I want you to know that I love everything you do. Please remember that as you put the finishing touches on the upcoming event.  

Of course, Kathy Meagher, Immediate Past President and chair of the Demotion Committee, has participated in almost every possible committee and event this year. Along with Paul Martin and JP Harris, she co-chaired Bikes for Christmas - a project she created during her term. She was such a marvelous mentor to me. Kathy and Jim Meagher rolled up their sleeves and helped with the building of the bikes, our DIAD paint project, and Shop With a Cop - another of Kathy's creations. Shop With a Cop would not have been possible without the leadership of JP Harris, Ed Hearst and Pasadena Police Chief Phillip SanchezJim Meagher, Marsha Rood and Phyllis Mueller co-chaired the very successful Read Across America Committee. Terry Masango and Ken Hill did a fabulous job as co-chairs of the Dan Stover Music Competition. Florence Helmberger deserves our gratitude for taking over the responsibilities for Adopt a School and Happy Feet Committees.  

I am forever grateful to my officers, Treasurer Tony Phillips and Secretary Colleen Carey, for their dedication and personal commitment over the last year. Colleen has taken on extra projects such as our August fundraiser, global grant due diligence and exploring new venue options for the Club. Past President Tony has come back no less than three times to assume the role of treasurer and will stay on again to help President Elect Phil. My thanks to a courageous and stellar Board of Directors, Eric Duyshart, Jim Osterling, Mary Lou Byrne, Gary Kearny, Ken Stickney, Catherine Haskett Hany, Judy Taylor, Ken Joe, Stephen Smith, Robert Lyons and John Cooper. Thank you Pasadena Rotary Foundation Board.  President Marshall Fuss, Secretary Debbi Kroman, Treasurer Charles Kiu and Past President Howard Raff were a pleasure to work with. I owe so much to Immediate Past President Kathy Meagher and President Elect Phil Miles for their support and guidance. Sandi Mejia did a fabulous job as our Club Bookkeeper. Finally, I must express my deep appreciation for our Club Administrator Vicki Laidig. Without her I never could have made it through the year. Vicki, I love you. You are the best!

Thanks to all of the members of Pasadena Rotary Club for granting me the honor and privilege of serving as your President. I hope to continue to work with you to make our extraordinary Club even better each coming year.